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s to conduct the operations.There are some c●urious stories as to the indifference wi●th which wounds are regarded by▓ Asiatics.After one of the ski●rmishes, one of the ene

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my with six bullets thro●ugh him walked nine miles to the British ▓camp to be treated, and fully recovered; while● in another case a lad looking on at ▓the fight was wounded by a bul▓let in the arm, which “passe●d through it in several places, splinter▓ing it badly.” The doctors gave him t●he choice between death and a▓mputation, but he declined the ●latter, and “in a few days, instead of being de●ad, he was better, and in a few da▓ys was out and about335 again.”66 Agai●nst foes with such nerve strength or indif▓ference to pain, small-bore rifles will▓ be of little value to check a fanatic rus●h.The leaders of the little garris●on of Chitral richly earned the reward●s bestowed on them; and Surgeon-Captain Whit▓church won the Victoria Cross. CHAP●TER XVII THE ARMY IN THE FAR EAST—181●9-75 The minor wars outside the main p▓eninsula of Hindostan have been ca▓used either by the expans


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f points on the road to th●

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